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01 about

Tom Ford Architecture is a practice which balances both beautiful aesthetics and function adding value to people lives whilst maximising the effectiveness of every space. Whether it be a home extension or a commercial office, we work closely with our clients from the outset to understand what they require from the design and make the process as simple and impactful as possible. 

Tom Ford Architecture was created by Tom Ford, a chartered Architect who wanted to create a professional yet personal service to those wanting to avoid being lost in the paper work of large organisations. We aim to be a place where the smallest detail is given the attention it rightly deserves and a practice which will be happy to sit at a clients table to discuss design concepts and ideas.


We offer a wide range of services depending on the clients requirements ranging from initial feasibility studies right through to 3D walkthrough videos of the final project before it has even begun, all of which are backed by several years of experience across variety of sectors.


02 portfolio

Below is a small selection of the overall work undertaken by the practice and only those supported by a CGI package have been shown. If you would like to review any other types of work we undertake before progressing any further, please get in touch. 


03 clients

Our clients vary from families wanting to adapt their home to suit modern life through to large companies requiring additional space to continue their expansion.


We offer a personal and professional approach regardless of who the client may be. 


04 contact

Tel: 07794019160

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